Weber-Social Action

I believe that Weber’s idea of there being four different types of social action is true, yet different for everyone though. While some people may act in order to achieve a goal they set for themselves, others may act in a similar situation based off their emotional state at the time being. However, I don’t think everyone is subject to one specific social action. For example, in the film “House of Sand and Fog,” I believe the toast that was made in the wedding scene seemed to be a traditional action. However, at the the same time the father could have just been acting off his excited, or happy emotional state. Or maybe he just had a strong belief that the toast was something he had to do. Either way everyone is different in relation to the way they act upon things.

To tie these social actions to real life, I think all four of these actions can relate to something as simple as going to the gym. For some people, maybe it runs in the family to stay healthy, and in shape. They may wish to continue this tradition, and get in shape as well. From an affective standpoint, maybe someone really just gets pleasure out of going to the gym. Getting a nice workout in could actually bring happiness to someone and make them feel good about themselves. With value-rational perhaps someone may value, or have strong beliefs in going to the gym. Or maybe staying healthy is just part of someones religion. In relation to instrumental-rational, maybe the person going to the gym has set a goal for themselves to gain a large amount of muscle.  Or maybe someones goal is to lose a large amount of fat. This is just one example of how all four types of social action can relate to the same situation, depending on the individual.


One response to “Weber-Social Action

  1. Perfect. ‘Going to the gym’ is another great action to analyze with respect to Weber’s ideal-type orientations. Your breakdown of the different sets of motivations around going to the gym — ideal types of social action — makes perfect sense.

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