Blog 2: The Calling

What is this “calling” and what is its importance? Max Weber explains that everyone has a “calling” aka “life-task” and as such, this calling’s purpose is to motivate individuals to pursue worldly success aka reach salvation.

To an extent, a calling can be beneficial to the individual as well to our society because it can help set one straight. An individual’s actions are aimed to please God; therefore, they are not based on one’s selfish desires and need for commodities. This means that people living without a calling, without a motivation, can feel lost; as a result, some may fall to the path of materialism or destruction.

As I previously explained, the calling can be detrimental. God and religion are abstract and individual so when someone reasons that they are doing something because it is their duty, this reasoning can be very dubious. Many religious figures, people whom we look to and whole heartily believe to be holy, pure and righteous, may not meet the expectations. During Pope Benedict XVI’s regime, there were a series of scandals regarding sexual abuse enacted by the clergy. In fact, these abuses had existed long before it was made public in 2010. A calling roots from religion, thus people who have authoritative religious ranking can abuse their power, using this calling as their reason as to why they do things. Further, followers can use a calling to justify why something happens to them, in other words, help them cope with it. Not all people are like this but it is something to be aware of.


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