Weber and The House of Sand and Fog

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     The Movie “The House of Sand and Fog” in captured many, if not all, Weber’s “ideal types” of social actions. The movie illustrated a them all in a even in a modern world. the traditional actions, the value-rational, affective and Instrumental- rational social actions. The movie also showed how culture, one’s race or background, can have an influence on how these actions can be displayed.  ;ife influences the behavior of each individual in the movie, illustrating each type somewhat differently. The difference of a traditional action between Genob and Kathy for instance. 

    Many of the scenes also showed some of Weber’s other concepts. I found Kathy showed a lack of social integration, ecoism, and  even the concept of authority was shown.  I believe all three types of authority was shown:  Rational when Genob protested Kathy’s wishes because he legally had rights to the house, Traditional- when Genob was bowing on the floor of the hospital for his son and Charismatic- when the officer decided to interrogate Genob and tell him he must move and cant sell the house.  The movie also goes on with an example of Verstehen, interpretive understanding, from the Genob’s wife, believing they will be deported back to where they came from if they didn’t give up the house, their status as well.



5 responses to “Weber and The House of Sand and Fog

  1. Yes, when Col. Behrani ‘protested Kathy’s wishes because he legally had rights to the house’ he was engaging in *rational* social action — but what kind? *Instrumental rationality* or *value-rationalty*? It seems more like *value-rationality* because his actions were guided by a belief in the ‘rule of law.’

  2. I also thought the value-rational type of social action was played out when Mr. Behrani was trying to help Kathy after she tried to commit suicide and when Kathy tried to save Mr. Behrani when he had killed himself. Mr. Behrani felt that it was important to bring Kathy into his home seeing that she needed help even though she has been causing mischief in his life. He believed in helping out a stranger in need. Kathy also showed a value-rational type of social action when she attempted to save Mr. Behrani who took his own life. Since she was upset with Mr. Behrani, she could have abandoned his dead body in the house. Instead she decided to call for help when she saw that it was too late.

    • Even thought Kathy showed some sort of decency her effective action is this case of the terrible series of events. First by not opening her mail and last by going into their home and trying to kill after the Behraini let her in their home .Actual both the Behrani displayed effective action by let an unstable Kathy in their home .

  3. I agree with most of your examples for the ideal types of social actions. Another example for traditional may include having a traditional wedding and even Mr. Behrani being the breadwinner by working and buying a house for his family. For charismatic you can also say when the Behrani’s took Kathy in their house before she attempted to commit suicide.

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Behrani value rational was also the reason why they let Kathy in their home.

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