Weber Prediction

Blog #2

“Specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines that it has attained a level of civilization never before achieved.” This quote summarizes what is yearned from Capitalism and the Protestant Ethic, perhaps not directly but it represents the consequences of the instrumental-rational ideal type with which they operate. I believe our present society has arrived to this stage of dehumanization, of disenchantment. People seem to be focused on the future and how to survive, which instead of allowing wealth desires and possibilities- costs what a professional career provides (if attained). Education is no longer a place to enhance one’s passion in a career, but a required qualification to succeed as an adult. Civilization is characterized as the farthest achievement from humanity/affective ideal type. Progress and success are presented as the only valid aspirations in an ever modern, technologically advanced society. An individual’s responsibilities require so much time, dedication, and commitment that any affective driven, personal activities rarely characterize his/her everyday life. The iron cage is actively part of who society has become, conditioned to rationalize, provide and succeed.


One response to “Weber Prediction

  1. Nice description of the rationalizing tendencies in modern life and how instrumental-rationality becomes the dominant orientation, shaping a range of behaviors and actions.

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