conspicuous consumption

When learning about Veblen’s term for conspicuous consumption, it made me realize that this is our society today.  It has become evident that everyone in our society as well as ourselves have purchased items to make it seem like we are from a higher status.  For example, posting a picture of your new Michael Kors $400 handbag on social media will let others know that you can afford such a product and be delighted with this over expensive designer bag.  Yet, in reality, we have saved multiple pay checks in order to afford it.  Why would someone buy a Mercedes benz car when you can buy a Nissan Maxima since it does do basically the same thing?  Some may say its because its a good car, yet others deep in their heart see the Mercedes name and it drives them to purchase it.  So when others see them in this $50,000, they will think that they are from a higher status than what they are in reality.  We all do it, even subconsciously, this is just how society has evolved.


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