Veblen’s theory known as Conspicuous Consumption emphasizes on how individuals attempt to display their status by purchasing expensive products. These physical displays “prove” to others and one selves a position in a higher status group. Even though this theory varies among  all ages, I believe that teenagers are a main target and are trapped by this conspicuous consumption theory. In my perspective most teenagers have a part-time job and tend to spend their pay checks buying these items, not because they are necessary but because it will make their appearance better. Teens get caught up in brand names and will do anything possible to pertain these certain brand names. As I mentioned in class, rappers and artists display and speak about certain brands which leads to everyone running out to buy these specific brands. Veblen’s theory is similar to Marx’s idea of fetichism in the same way that these products are not things we need, but things that contribute to our self esteem and sense of belonging.


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  1. Teenagers are definitely the primary target, with their search for identity- approval is needed. These brand name material possessions signify status, they are part of the “cool” crowd. The same clothes and accessories can be found at affordable prices, yet a name which in reality does not have any profound meaning is what differs the selection. Some outgrow this when the realization that groups aren’t the primary concern as adulthood isolates people, while others continue to seek societal approval by surrounding all their funds for themselves and their family to fashion.

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