We live in a Patriarchal institutions society, which gender inequality has pass down throughout the history. Women always seems to fall in the lower category than men. Back in the days women were dependent to men because they  weren’t allowed to go out and work, which they eventually work as stay home wives and mothers. Women’s value were base on their husband’s status. However, in modern days, women still face inequality in the work field, such as lower salary compare to men, male dominance in the high positions.

The part that Gilman points out is that we are all in a gender socialization society, which become stereotypes. Males were taught to be strong, tough and responsible. Females were taught to be generous, soft, and obedient.  The ruling class shaped the gender roles and use education, media, and environment to make it deeply rooted within our mind.  So even though women works and get pay nowadays people still think that it’s their duty to do the housework. It’s not fair in a logical sense, yet that’s the social expectation that is rooted in ourselves. The gap of gender inequality might get smaller and smaller throughout the time frame, but the inequality will never disappear.  Because nothing is fair and equal under the reality of Capitalism.


One response to “Gilman

  1. To further elaborate on your discussion, I believe that Bella Swan of “The Twilight Saga” is a prime example of how women are portrayed as nothing more than stereotypes in our modern society. Throughout the course of each film, she doesn’t really do anything special to make herself stand out from the “ordinary” woman, and most of the time she is highly dependent on her vampire boyfriend Edward to protect her from harm’s way, yet is surprisingly unwilling to do the same for him. With her emotionless tone and facial expressions, she does not serve as a good role model for other women to follow; there is even one point in the second film, “New Moon,” where she decides to jump off a cliff because she is overly depressed of the fact that Edward broke up with her and moved to another country.

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