Rape Culture & Gilman (3)

As with most people that witness how mainstream media treats rape cases that make it on to the news, I am appalled by how much judgement is placed on the victims. Women may not be expected to deform their waists into corsets  that are representative of their gender role, but much change has to occur to achieve equal rights and treatment of human beings regardless of gender. The appearance of a woman is so heavily controlled by all social institutions that when a woman dare break the standards, she is stigmatized. It is unfortunate to admit that not much has changed regarding Gilman’s metaphor, women are still controlled by how they look- through their gender socialization that is enforced by family, peers, the media, and Veblen’s conspicuous consumption itself (retail’s main focus is women). Rape cases that are made national forgo the appropriate blame on the abuser and criticize the conditions of the victim that “provoke” the uncontrollable male(s). Women are taught to be careful when going out at night, dress decently, behave like a “lady” and be cautious of their association because of the dangers originating from the male species. It is unfair for men and women.


4 responses to “Rape Culture & Gilman (3)

  1. This is a great point that you are making, i completlety agree on your point on the fact that some of the blame is placed on the victim. Women are said to be too sexually open and provocative and are often thought to provoke men to doing these crimes. I too find it very sad that such a “modern” society would place blame on the victim.

  2. I agree, especially when you state behaving like a “lady” and “provoking men”. In order for women to be socially looked upon as decent, they must dress a certain way, behave a certain way, and speak a certain way. Although I do believe that the circumstances or labeling varies among many other societies but to the most part they all mean one thing, that women should act as the society wants them to. When it comes down to provoking men, this idea just clearly states that a women has no freedom in terms of her body and how much of it she can show, and that the purpose behind a woman showing skin only means that she is provoking men, while those men who are “provoked” can easily get away with not having such a thing called “self control” and especially when it comes down to RAPE behaving like predators.

  3. The reasoning that these women were taken advantage of because of how they were dressed and that rape culture taught men to think this way is outrageous. To blame the victim of a rape for being raped does not make any sense, that the man had no control over his actions and was influenced by rape culture. We as a society need to completely get rid of this idea of rape culture as an excuse for someone getting raped. These images may be out there in music videos, tv, or in fashion, but we are not mindless people who cannot realize that taking advantage of someone is wrong.

  4. Rape culture has influenced men around the world to target women dressed promiscuously. Even if a women is wearing a normal dress, there is a possibility that she may be a rape victim. It is unfair for women to walk in fear all the time. Why can men dress how they want to while roaming the streets and women cannot? I disagree with blaming the victim for being raped because if gender inequalities and male dominating societies did not exist, it is possible that rape culture would not exist either.

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