Blog #2 Gender Inequality

It is known that back in the days, men and women were not treated the same. Women were treated unequal to men and suffered from gender inequality. Men were always superior to women. They provided for their family working at any job that they wanted. Women had to stay home to clean the house, watch the children, and cook for their husband when he got home from work. This is not the same anymore. Now women are treated equally and they don’t have to stay at home. They can get any job that the please and provide for their family. More men are now staying home and taking care of the household while women go to work.

Plenty of things have changed from the past. Women are entitled to any job that they want. They can become police officers, fire fighters, sanitation workers, doctors, lawyers, president of the United States of America, or even join the military. Back in my grandparents days, this was not the case. Police officers were called police men, firefighters were called fire men, and the military was 99.9% male. This is because women weren’t allowed to take part in this field of work. But today it would be considered sexist if you called a police officer a police men or a fire fighter a fire men, and I agree with this. Women should be equal to men and be allowed to participate in any job that they want. Not one person should be superior to another.    


2 responses to “Blog #2 Gender Inequality

  1. Nicely said. Even if men are biologically stronger than women, that doesn’t mean jobs that require physical strength should be limited to men only. Having women in that same work environment can bring new ideas thus making our Police Department more efficient and effective — who wouldn’t want that?

  2. Great post! I agree with you and Dana. It is completely unfair to limit women to jobs just because they are female. No one should be superior to another. Everyone is capable of doing anything. That’s the American Dream, isn’t it? If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. Therefore, if women think they deserve a certain job, they will get it eventually.

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