Blog #2 Gilman & Inequality in the DoL

Blog #2 Gilman & Inequality in the DoL

Gilman an early feminist, describes inequality seen in the division of labor. Gilman states that the traditional division of labor is rooted in patriarchy. Patriarchy is the system that which males are the primary authority figure, and all systems of society are based on masculine gender norms. The male has the power over the women, children and property. Men are virtually the breadwinners as where the women stay home to cook, clean and care for the children. According to Gilman this ultimately results in women becoming economically dependent upon men and undermines their freedom.

I believe that the picture above is a great example of how traditional division of labor is rooted in patriarchy. The picture illustrates a mother teaching and reaffirming her daughter that her place is in the kitchen, to stay home and care for her husband and children. She then confirms that there is no room for dreams and aspirations outside of the home ( “Satan’s way of distracting you from making dinner”), because outside the home is the man’s world. This illustration shows the suppression of women’s goals and dreams to act accordingly within the society norm of the traditional division of labor.

Although women have made great strides within the workforce and we rarely see this type of depiction of woman in modern day, there is still an inequality in the division of labor. More women are getting rid of the apron and going to school to become professionals in the workforce, this of course is a great advancement, but women will always have to deal with certain inequality (wages for example) in the workforce due to masculine gender norms that have been deeply rooted within our division of labor.


One response to “Blog #2 Gilman & Inequality in the DoL

  1. Society has changed ever since Gilman’s time and I agree that women still struggle with inequality on a daily basis. However, I feel that the inequality between men and women has decreased over the decades. More and more women are becoming single mothers taking care of their families. They no longer depend on their husbands for support and now act as the breadwinner and housewife of the family. Women have become a lot stronger and much more independent and can only get even stronger.

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