Blog # 4 Gilman

Gilman believed that the domestic environment oppressed women. Gilman was a believer in the theory of reform Darwinism. Gilman argued that there should be no difference in the clothes little boys and girls should be allowed to wear, the toys which they play with etc. Gilman claimed that society creates restraints and gender roles starting from early childhood. Wages against housework by Silvia Federici is a piece that I found not only interesting but also supports Gilman’s theory and critique on gender inequality. Silvia Federici states how we live in a capitalistic society.  Whatever work that it is we do, we receive wages for it.  However in this text, Federici claims that women are expected to do housework, which is no less than any other job, but receive no wages for it. There is a notion that women are obligated to perform the necessary housework  without any wages.  Our society has come a long way in regards to gender inequality. Women assume some of the highest positions in our society such as but not limited to, finance, business, hospitality, entertainment etc.  Today we see more and more of Gilman’s theory on gender equality being applied in both the workplace and the household.




3 responses to “Blog # 4 Gilman

  1. I am so intrigued by the way that society can shape the roles of gender just by a toy or color that you give to a boy or girl when they are small. I learned about these things in a developmental class and how these objects play a huge role in why and how men and women act accordingly with society. I think you made a great connection between Gilman’s theory on gender inequality and Federici’s work. The division of labor was so deeply rooted in masculine gender norms, that women were frowned upon when trying to go against the norm and enter the workforce. There place was in the household, where their freedoms were undermined and where they economically depended on the men. It is amazing at how far women have come in regards of holding some of the highest and most prestige positions as you mentioned in your posting, but I still believe that there will always be some type of inequality (take wages for instance) in the workplace between men and woman.

  2. I agree with Gilman that society creates restraints and gender roles starting from early childhood. I think we can all agree that when we were little if you were a boy you had to play with baseball’s or toy cars and if you were a girl you had to play with dolls. If a parent saw you playing with the opposite toy they would tell you that you shouldn’t be playing with that.

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