Blog Post #2:Gilman and Gender Inequality


Charlotte Gilman talked about gender inequality between men and  women.  She talked about how men were seen as greater than women, how the man of the house was superior over the woman in his household.  That a man’s duty is to go get a job and provide for his family (to be the breadwinner of the household) and the woman’s main role was to stay at home and take care of the kids.  Gilman talked about how women were supposed to clean, cook, and watch over the kids.  Gilman points out that women lack economic independence, that a female’s economic position is basically determined by her husband or father.  Women who entered into the workplace were not taken seriously and belittled.  The few women who actually found work entered into predominately feminine jobs.  For example secretaries, hostess, and nurses.

Fortunately times have changed and now women are seen as equals to men.  It is normal for women to be economical independent now, most women work and have equal opportunities to find jobs as men.  The only place in which gender inequality still exists today is in the workplace.  Apparently in corporate society, for every a dollar a man makes women only makes $0.75.


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