Blog#2- Gilman

In the past, women were treated very differently then they are treated now. Gender inequality was a huge deal that affected the lives of all women back then. It was believed that women should take care of the kids and the house, while the man(or the husband) would go to work and provide food and shelter for the family. However, as time went on, gender inequality started to change in a positive way for women. Women were actually able to obtain jobs that only men would be capable of having back then, and they started to get treated more equally. In todays world, if a woman was treated unfairly due to their gender, it would be considered sexist, and it wouldn’t be acceptable in society. However, back then treating women with less respect then men, was nothing out of the ordinary, it was a very common thing that happened.

Charlotte Gilman analyzed this idea of gender inequality through her own perspective. She thought of it as the economic and political disparities due to gender. What she means by this is the differences in wealth, and legal rights from being a woman. If someone was to ask Gilman how she feels about the worlds evolution in a way pertaining to her ideology of gender inequality, (assuming she was alive to answer it) I’m 100% sure she would feel accomplished in a way that she proved a point, along with the fact that it showed how women don’t depend on men, and they are more then capable of providing life essential things such as food and shelter for themselves and a family.

Personally I don’t agree with gender inequality, much like how Gilman feels. I believe that gender has no positive or negative effect in a human beings capability of doing anything in life. I believe everyone is equal in relation to what is possible of getting done, and that women have just as much power as men do.


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