In Gilmas text, she discusses the role of women as well as their contribution to society. While reading her text she seemed to be angered by many of the ideas that she was discussing, although she believed them to be true. Giligan writes about marriage and the role that women play in it, she explains that marriage is not a partnership because women do not contribute capital to the relationship therefore it cannot be considered something of an equal partnership. This idea seems so primitive and masogynistic that while reading this I often had to remind myself that sadly these ideas were true during the time that this piece was written. Although now there are many women who stay home and dont work while their husbands are off making the money, I would consider a stay at home mother the person who contributes the most. The reason why is because a stay at home mother has an extremely difficult job and they are not payed for it, although many people would consider their “pay” to be the food and shelter provided by their husband I immidiately think of live in nannys, they are provided with shelter by the family they stay with yet still receive a check for their child caring services. Also unlike live in nannys whose job is to soley take care of the children in the household, stay at home mothers must take care of their husbands as well. They must cook dinner for him, wash and iron his clothes, and have enough energy at the end of the day to sit and conversate with him and offer her companionship to him once he is home. I found it very shocking that she would write that womens house jobs were our duty and obligation.

Another concept that she discusses that I found very interesting was the corset theory, this theory explains that once women had their “corset” removed they often felt uncomfortable with all the freedom. This seems comparison seems appropriate for the time frame that is being spoken of. Although i would like to think that as soon as women were given the freedom of do things differently i can understand that discomfort that must have came along due to the fear of the unknown.


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