Gilman and the division of labor

blog #4: I personally like the traditional division of labor Gilman speaks of in her book women and economics. Gilman says that evil is society differentiating between what women and men should look like. She said that the traditional division of labor is rooted in patriarchy. This is where the man has all the authority and the woman is dependent on him economically and socially. So my question is why is it bad for a woman to run a home and raise her kids? How is the work she does at home exploiting her? And how is it bad that society should separate what men and women look like?  I think that our society today has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on women to work because if they don’t than their giving into a “patriarchy system”. We have given the “stay at home mom” a bad name so to speak. I feel that if our society valued women staying at home more women would do it. And I think their kids and husbands would be happier too. Women who run their homes for a living are far from being slaves. I think that if boys would grow up respecting the role of a woman who stays at home he would encourage it and respect it. I feel like the media today is so focused on promoting women’s rights and gender equality they have lost sight of what is truly important in life. Maybe it is true women as a whole make less money than men. But do we honestly care? At the end of the day the woman’s real role is to raise her family and if she’s successful at that isn’t she the true winner? Why is this looked down upon in society? I think a woman is as free as she wants to be even if she is economically dependent on her husband. In my opinion she holds the power key in the home. She is the one, if her husband respects her, who makes all the real decisions.

Lastly, I believe that it is good for us, as a society, to separate the roles of men and women. I think women are naturally more warm and sensitive and are better care takers than men. There is a biological difference and because of this I think women are meant to be the caregivers and men are meant to go out and work. Society has created ways through gender socialization to prep women for their roles and men for theirs. For generations we have differentiated between men and women and never until theses feminists ideas have women complained. I think were only hurting ourselves in the end by trying to change how men and women are viewed. This system has worked for hundreds of years why try and change it because we live in the twenty first century?


One response to “Gilman and the division of labor

  1. I find this blog very interesting; today, stay at home moms have more opportunities to “work from home” compared to the women in Gilman’s time. In modern times, women can be stay at home moms without being dependent on a male. However, the role of the woman is not only to take care of her family; people usually take on more than one role in life (being a son/daughter, student, brother/sister, etc.). A woman can also work outside of the home like a male. If majority of the women in those times continued to stay at home, which was the norm at the time, females would not have as much rights as they have today. Women staying at home all the time would feed into the gender inequality that Gilman was talking about. If women had never built up the courage to leave the home, they probably still would not have been able to vote. In order to overcome some of the political disparities between males and females, the females had to show that they have the power and the will to do whatever a man can do. Women had to leave the house and show that they have ideas and capabilities as men have.

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