Blog#3 Simmel Video on Korean K-pop

Simmel’s idea of interaction states that fate and development relies on association. In other words, how and who you interact with plays as the deciding factor of who you mold yourself into. in regards to the South Koreans, certain features and characteristics are seen as far more appealing than others. The video pointed out that south Korean women made it a priority to get surgery on their faces to resemble what was considered to be attractive. Surgically creating eye-lids and slimming down noses are some of the most common procedures. These women truly believe that by having these features, they would receive better opportunities and meet greater people. Having the proper look would increase chances of having a greater fortune. A good example of this in the video is the women who after having surgery all of a sudden met the man who she went on to marry and achieved great success in her work. Simmel’s idea of interaction is represented in the life of the women, where how and who she interacted with decided her fate and development.


One response to “Blog#3 Simmel Video on Korean K-pop

  1. I’ve always been hesitant about the idea of plastic surgery (and tattoos). These are procedures done on to your body that you cannot rewind. While I understand their belief in how plastic surgery changes one’s fate — or something along those lines) — it really feeds the expression of, “judging one’s appearance by their looks.” Is this how our society has become?

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