Blog #3: Fashion Seoul Fashion Week – K-Pop to Double Eyelid Surgery Video


In the video: Fashion Seoul Fashion Week – K-Pop to Double Eyelid Surgery, we see the importance of the fashion in South Korea. South Korea is well-known for its fashion called K-Pop, in which many people in South Korea take serious. One thing that struck out to me in this video was the concepts of beauty. South Korea’s look mentioned in the video is flawless and perfection. Women who undergo plastic surgery aims for the ideal westerner look. These Korean women get surgery on their faces because they want to be considered beautiful. “Fashion is merely a product of social demands, even though the individual object which it creates or recreates may represent a more or less individual needs” (Simmel, pg 308). According to Simmel, fashion is a social demand in way of finding ones their own individuality or a way to fit in society. We can compare this quote to the surgeries that these Korean women experience because they feel recreating themselves will give them confidence and beauty but also chance to change that their destiny.


3 responses to “Blog #3: Fashion Seoul Fashion Week – K-Pop to Double Eyelid Surgery Video

  1. I wish the Korean culture didn’t have western beauty as their standard of beauty. I want the Korean women to see the beauty in being themselves and how they are prefect no matter how they look. Beauty in my opinion is something that you feel within, and I think we forget it. However, I understand why the western culture made such an impact because of music, fashion and media.

  2. I find it interesting that while the Koreans strive to look like Westerners, Westerners strive to look different and try to seek their own opinion of perfection. It is unfortunate yet true that no one will be completely satisfied with what they have. This is seemed to be normal in our society, but to go to such extremes like getting plastic surgery is sad. We all have things we would like to change but then again no one is perfect.

  3. The perception of beauty is altered in all societies and cultures. The perception of beauty to south Koreans revolves around the image of westerners in regards to double eyelids, and certain facial features like certain nose structures deemed beautiful to them. South Korean women will go out and spend a lump sum of money to try to alter their image and try to fulfill the social demands of the definition of beauty in their society. I like how you stated that this is a form of them changing their destiny in regards to maybe someday getting married and having children but even then, their “flaws” are engraved on the faces of their children who will most likely follow the vicious cycle and the altering images definition of beauty in society.

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