Du Bois and racial inequality

Blog #5 Du Bois discusses a concept called Double Consciousness. This means that black people feel they are split between being black and having to think like a white person. This comes from the idea that the only way to survive in this world is if black people live and think the way a white person does. This also stems from stereotypes white people have about the way black people live. Du Bois says that Black people feel they have a conflict between being black and being American. Almost like there is no such thing as being both. All these ideas clearly stem from a deep-rooted racism that started from the times of slavery. One would think our world has come a long way and that we no longer see a “color line” and we just see people. But how true is this? It’s true we all a part of a different race and have different ethnicities but why should a specific race mean you are a different species?

I think the way to really combat racism and end major inequalities in America is by teaching kids at a young age that people are people and they come in all shapes and colors. But that the color in itself doesn’t mean anything. Maybe that means they celebrate different holidays or wear different clothes but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the same rights as everyone else. Our social institutions are only “Racialized” because we still see people as colors and not as humans. This also goes along with the idea of “racial profiling”. because we created this concept people feed into it. Because society has decided that racial profiling is helpful to society it must be good. But in reality we are just continuing the idea that people are colors and that makes them different. When will everyone be equal? Will there ever be such a concept in this world? As long as people teach their kids that “black” means something else than white, we will never have real equality.


One response to “Du Bois and racial inequality

  1. I agree with what you wrote. I think the only way to teach people is at a young age when they are still forming opinions and open to hearing things. Once people get older, they usually have their minds made up about something and don’t want to think about it any other way. I think the issue is that even if schools do a better job of teaching acceptance and equality to young students, what do these kids learn when they are in their own homes? Out on the streets of their neighborhoods? It is hard to shelter kids completely because there are so many people out there who still do not believe all individuals are equal and they will make sure everyone hears that.

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