Blog # 5 11/25

W.E.B Du Bois was a civil rights activist and historian who challenged the belief that blacks were inferior to whites. Du Bois dismissed all experiments that claimed blacks were physically and mentally different from whites. He even supported interracial marriage. America has come a long way from the racial inequality since the country’s inception, however America’s New Jim Crow System by Michelle Alexander provides us with some eye-opening reality that demonstrates how racial discrimination is still very prevalent today.

The following are a few facts that Alexander provides; there are more African-American adults that are either imprisoned or on probation than were enslaved in 1850, a large majority of blacks males have a negative stigma because they are felons for life and face discrimination when it comes to access to education, attaining adequate housing and employment. Alexander draws a parallel  with this current situation of many black males to what their grandparents and great-grandparents faced with the Jim Crow laws.  The article goes on to say that crime rates have fluctuated in the past three decades, rates have gone up and down. However incarceration rates have soared from 300,000 to 2 million. This is appalling.  Alexander provides statistics and studies that indicate that white youths are equally likely to engage in the use of drugs as black youth. In face white youth are even more likely to sell drugs than black youth. Despite this the demographic makeup of the U.S prison population consists of predominantly blacks.


One response to “Blog # 5 11/25

  1. The statistics Michelle Alexander found were definitely interesting. I take a juvenile delinquency class and we actually touch base on this. The fact that white youth are basically doing the same thing or even worse things than black youth, but the black youth are the incarcerated is an appalling and unfair. This just shows the inequality of the color line that Du Bois emphasizes on. Black youth are constantly labeled or stereotyped as criminals just because of stigmas we all hold.

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