has been a major issue since the being of slavery in the Americas. It has
caused discrimination, hate, and most importantly differential treatment which
has led certain ethnic groups to decline and suffer. There were many radical revolutionaries
who try to oppress this, especially Dubois and Martin Luther king jr; both try
to stop discrimination and hate and have truly equal rights for both blacks and
whites. Thus, eliminating the oppression that African Americans are feeling.
But with all that said, even though they have made radical reform and made
great advancements inequality between ethnic groups. Due to discrimination and TW
history of inequality it has caused, African Americans to be lower socioeconomically
as well as in social status. Thus, now we need to change the statistics that African
Americans are living with in order to change society for there to be a sent in
discrimination. I believe that all people should be treated and there should be
more nonprofits and organizations to help.


One response to “Inequality

  1. Along with Dubois and Martin Luther King, Jr. don’t forget about Rosa Parks. She also tried to stop discrimination by taking a stand and believing in what she taught was right. We should all be treated equally and more people should take a stand for what they believe in.

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