k pop

pop culture was truly surprise and could not believe it. I did know how much
the Korean culture idolized the western culture, in so many respects. From what
the wear to, their physical appearance they’re strangely attracted to the
Western people. However, it came apparent when I realized the influence of the
standard of beauty that society has created as well as the influence of
American pop culture. One of the most surprising things that I saw was the eye
lid surgery that was a common procedure n Korea for young women. This surgery
widens the eyes by creating a crease for a deeper set eye. Thus, making women
more attractive and eligible. I wish that women in Korea would not go to that extreme
to get the look they want. However, they are not the only women who had to go
to extremes for beauty and won’t be the last. I just wish that women would embrace
their beauty and love themselves for who they are.


7 responses to “k pop

  1. I agree that it is truly an extreme act when women get plastic surgery. Everyone is entitled to do whatever they want with their body, but I believe its best to keep yourself natural. There are other ways to enhance ones beauty than having surgeries. Women do face many of confidence issues especially when media is constantly praising women who look a certain type of way. Women all over the world have surgeries, when instead as stated above they should embrace their flaws and all.

  2. I can’t agree more that women should love who they are. People in Korea are just too into fashion, which they lost their sense of own identity. Plastic surgery do make one looks good. However, that face is fake, and it’s creepy to see everyone on the street looks alike with that same head shape and nose. I personally thinks inner beauty is much important than outer looks, and the people who denied their identities just dishonor their parents lacks the courage to admit who they are.

  3. I agree. It’s really unfortunate that women in Korea would want to put themselves through surgery just to look like what they think the ideal women should look like. Since this is so common in Korean, I wonder if they even notice they’re slowly losing their identity. Koreans are so focused on changing their style and looks just to fit in and be perfect, they’re are not keeping in mind the fact that at the end of the day the same genes will remain, and it will follow them once they decide to have children. Is this an endless cycle to seek perfection?

  4. I definitely agree that the most shocking thing about the Korean culture is the amount of plastic surgery they take part in. To go to such an extreme as paying an extensive amount of money to go under surgery and the pain to follow just to feel beautiful is unfortunate. What shocks me even more is that plastic surgery were given as gifts from parents to their children so casually. Its sad that people will go to such extremes to seek what they believe is perfection.

  5. While K-pop culture maybe a little strange for people to think that Koreans are having plastic surgery to look like Americans including their eyelids being altered, but I don’t see think it is. Sure I think that you shouldn’t change how you look, especially what your face looks like, but if we were in California 90% of people had some sort of plastic surgery. This is just the culture that you grow up in, if you live in the middle of the country the odds of you getting plastic surgery are slim while if you lived in Nevada or California plastic surgery is a norm.

  6. I agree that the plastic surgery in Korean cultures is absolutely crazy. To change who you are, for a high quantity of money just to be beautiful blows my mind. You should never change who you are no matter what. To see that the parents were giving there children gifts such as this plastic surgery really blows my mind even more.

  7. This also surprised me. I couldn’t believe that getting eyelid surgery is just as normal as getting a manicure or pedicure in Korea. This shows how important identity is to these young women. Also, fashion in Korean culture is displayed on the outside even if their personalities and beliefs do not coincide. For example, the Korean youngster who was wearing a leather jacket with studs led us to believing he was a rebel. In actuality, he claimed that he would never disobey the law and he just likes the “punk” look.

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