Riots in London

The riots in London began due to stop and frisks, cut backs in benefits, high unemployment rates and high tuitions in education. As seen and heard in the video it is clear how angry the participants of the riots were. The government and police constantly disrespected the English citizens by stopping and frisking them. Blacks were targeted the most, they’re skin color was associated with criminology. The police was abusing their authority by harassing and stereo typing. All of this unfair treatment led to the break out of the riots which mainly targeted the police and government, the rioters wanted “pay back.” Maybe the riots weren’t the best way because innocent people were hurt but that’s what has to be done for the citizens in London had to do to be respected.  These riots are an example of Merton’s social theory to react impulsively, without self control due to issues caused by the police and government. Even though violence is not the answer, these citizens felt like they were given an other choice than to react in riots.  


4 responses to “Riots in London

  1. The Riots in London were a great example Merton’s social theory. Citizens of London has no option but to react with impulse. The terrible structural condition was put upon lower middle class, which happens to be a big social group in London. Their only innovation in order to obtain economic success was with the use of violence. Yes, violence is not the answer but when you think of it. The government itself didn’t give them any other choice. The unemployment rate was increasing, tuition rate was high, benefits were cut back, etc. This was bound to happen, a social group can only take so much before they rebel against the government.

  2. I agree to some extent but when they were asked towards the end of the film whether they regret it or not, they said they regret it because it affected other innocent peoples lives but then also said they would do it again. They used violence for a change and have their voices being hurt but when that violence affects people who are innocent and they know this, it is not justified.

  3. You bring up a great point. It’s an interesting situation to look at because although everyone knows violence is not the answer, in the moment, when those individuals felt targeted and discriminated against, it was hard for them to think rationally and not act out impulsively. It’s a difficult thing to feel like you are being wronged but not be in a position of power to be able to do anything about it.

  4. I also agree because the citizens of London felt that the riot was the only way to get their voices heard since they were constantly being ignored and pushed aside by the government. The riots escalated rapidly that for the first time the government loss control of the situation. The rioters did not mean to cause no harm at first, they just wanted justices. However, it is interesting that the death of one person later shifted to topics such as unemployment rates and the rise of tuition in education which created more tension among the rioters.

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