Blog post 4

Robert Merton theory of anomie is a clear representation of the riots that took place in southern London. Merton theory stated that if there is social instability caused by problems in standard and ethic it can cause aberration.  This can be displayed through Merton’s five modes of Anomie. The riots in south London primarily occurred because people believed that the government and the police force were treating them unfairly, either because of their race or economic status. Many of them felt that they were being targeting so the broke out in riots; that at first start out as protesting, then it got physical to actually hurting the police and then it went to the point that people from all over the UK where hearing about this riot and rallied together. People started raiding stores and stealing things. What was interesting about the police in Britain is that they do not carry fire arms around with them so many of them were unable to protect themselves from the rioters and truly were suffering. Many people who were interviewed for the riots said that they would do it again in a heartbeat and where not sorry for what they did. This made me feel that the people is south London were really passionate about what is going on and really want to make a difference in their Country, and have no mercy. They want justice and they want it now! ImageImage


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