Countering Stigma

In Goffman‘s conceptualization, stigma is an attribute that is deeply discrediting for members of a particular social category.  It’s a particular kind of relationship between attribute and stereotype.  Below is another social media campaign aimed at countering stigma (i.e., destigmatization).  Below, individuals address assumptions made about them based on their various virtual social identities, or how they tend to be categorized by others who don’t actually know them.




5 responses to “Countering Stigma

  1. As I was viewing the images above, I am realizing that our society has so many stigmas whether it’s on race, color, or culture. It sad to know that people can be close-minded instead of being open-minded. For example, just because one or a group of people of a certain race committed a deviant act should not cause the entire race to be stigmatized.

  2. if i was holding up a sign mine might say “not all Jews are money hungry” or something to that effect. everyone has some kind of stigma there’s almost no way to avoid it.

  3. Destigmatization needs to occur, but I disagree in denying said stigmas by claiming not to have them. In my personal experience, I do fail to live up to the stigmas attached to me but I make it a point to acknowledge that these things are not ‘bad’. By having remote distance from one’s stereotypes one can just add to the discriminatory attitude for those who do ‘fit’ into them. People just need to stop thinking so rigidly, open their minds (as nancytapia said) and stop limiting others into these categories. We are much more than labels.

  4. Labels and stereotypes affect individuals so immensely causing spoiled identities and causing those to feel less of themselves. When viewing the images above I cant help but think of all the stigmas that are attached to different populations and how it may affect those stigmatized. We all have stereotypes and are labeled, but in today’s society we must be more open minded and not judge a book by its cover or what society’s stereotypes us as. This is a great ad for countering stigma, I believe that showing the world that each individual is different is a great stepping stone for countering stigma.

  5. This is a great photo that you found and it is very true. In today’s society, it is filled with stereotypes and stigmas. People are always being made fun of because of their skin color, race, ethnicity. People are always being labeled: Muslims as terrorists, Asians as smart, Mexicans as low paying workers. We even see all of these stereotypes on television. This ad is a great way of showing people that these stereotypes are not true.

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