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Goffman’s concept of stigma, whether it be profiling today, being ignorant against people of another color or to those who go against the norms. Societies, not only in the time of Goffman, but today, carry out so many stigmas it almost becomes a fade in society, like one is born to see the oddness of another or the black and white of society instead of just seeing people as individuals. Profiling by cops, b\having to be the first African – American president of color,  eing of a certain religion, culture, “look,” all contribute to the concept of Goffman’s stigma. A stigmatized society were certain individuals do not see you for who you are and who you want to be as yourself but criticize, point fingers, call names nad stigmatizes you for being different, for being the odd one out.  


3 responses to “Stigmas

  1. We are the social labels people place on us, it is hard to live in a society where one cannot surpass the stigmas that are naturally attached to our biology/lifestyles. This reminds me of DuBois’ veil, the African-American with his/her double entity. It is now further than one’s race, stigmas are attached to all labels one might take ownership of. It is up to the individual to either conform, disregard or exceed the stigmas placed on him/her. Society can be attempted to be changed (as it did with the London riots and Occupy Wall St. protests) but in reality one’s life will continue to have endless stigmas until society becomes more flexible and accepting of all diversity.

  2. Both the original post and comment express hope that society can move past stigmatizing people, classifying people into hierarchies of honor/dishonor. Goffman, as well as Weber, suggest that all societies sort and rank people; what changes are the principle/attributes underlying the rankings. In the article, “Being Middle Eastern American….,” Marvasti refers to research suggesting
    that recent demographic and sociopolitical trends in North America may “gradually lower the rank of whiteness from a preferred racial status to a social stigma.”

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