Blog #5: Goffman: Stigma

Goffman defined stigma “A process by which the reaction of others spoils normal identity” as we discussed this in class I couldn’t help to think of all the recent cases of stigma that has happened in the past couple of years. The most popular was 9/11. People especially those with middle eastern features and appearance were labeled as terrorist, not because they were directly associated with the event of 9/11 but just at the simple fact that they all look similar. Another stigma that has been going around for decades and still present is stigma against hispanics, that they’re all immigrants, or have poor skills and terrible jobs. But one of the most recent stigmas was the case of Trayvon Martin who got shot and killed by a cop just because he looked like threat.  He fit the stereotypical profile of a gangster in the street, wearing sweats and a hoodie over his head. This didn’t mean he was about to vandalize the street, or that he was about to rob somebody. Yet the cop in charge that night based on his own judgement on how a criminal looked, shot and killed him. The way Trayvon Martin was dressed didn’t defined his identity yet some people tend to based they’re opinion on others through society. Because usually society is in charge of labels whether they’re good or bad.
Trayvon Marin's Popular case


One response to “Blog #5: Goffman: Stigma

  1. Muslims were and are associated with terrorist groups because they continued representing their religion/culture and I think it caused more anger in the heart of the racists because they were expected to assimilate but then where is that freedom we all talk about in America? In the post 9-11 I think anyone who appeared Muslim was automatically suspicious or a “terrorist”.

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