Race and Violence

It was astounding to see the historian blame the London riots on the “black culture”. That goes to show that anything deviant that does not pertain to the roles mandated by the authorities and high class, ‘white’ society will be blame on the minorities of color. Now that I see why the riots occurred, it is baffling that it is even suggested riots being a consequence of ‘black/urban culture’. They are social issues, not racial ones. This is not limited to London, here in the United States it is extremely visible with how crime is portrayed in the media. White killers are always attached to some mental illness or temporary outrage, while any other race is immediately thought of as “evil” or “influenced by their culture” (poverty, stereotypical ‘urban culture’- for lack of a better term). In the Dominican Republic, Haitians born in the country are not granted citizenship- due to their darker skin tone (there’s a history of discrimination in the country because of racism), human rights organizations are outraged. The treatment of race in the media and the government only adds to the racial profiling of people in all aspects of society.


(In this tweet by comedian Katt Williams, he clearly differentiates between the handling of crimes in America according to one’s race/ethnicity- stereotypes are powerful if given constant attention).


2 responses to “Race and Violence

  1. Excellent post, E. Your point about the double standards used to explain violence and crime on the basis of race/ethnicity is compelling. Indeed, the recent spate of mass killings perpetrated by white men are typically attributed to mental illness, not to “white culture” or Christianity. That tweet perfectly captures this kind of ethnic/racial profiling.

  2. I completely agree with your blog and the connection certain races have in society to crimes or how they are labeled. To sum up what you said, the little picture regarding Kat Williams tweets was a great way to sum up what you said. I believe we stigmatize certain races to certain types of violence displayed in society. The notion of a white man committing a crime and automatically linking it to mental illness is absurd, if someone pertaining to the black race committed the same act of violence, he would automatically be deemed a criminal and the thought of mantel illness would not even be a factor that may have triggered the persons reasoning behind the violence committed. You’re expression on race and violence was interesting to read and emphasize on!

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