blog#5 Franz Fanon

Franz Fanon (1925-1961) is well known for literatures like “The Wretched of the Earth” (1961), and Black skin, white masks (1952). Franz Fanon was influenced by Marx although it is know that he changed and stretched Marx’s ideas. His ideas of the double consciousness comes from Dubois, but Fanon showed how colonized people also experience this double consciousness. The film we watched in class “Black skin white mask” suggested “denial of recognition”.This denial of recognitions says “I do not see you at all”. In terms of race in our societies, we can say how the minorities aren’t acknowledge or recognized as much as the majority. Another point I recalled from the film is when it was said that the “black man who has grown up wearing a white mask for himself” which signifies the title of the literature and film.

When Fanon speaks of the colonizer he displays that “the colonizer and colonized are the sources of violence rather than reacting violently against resistors which had been the common view”. Violence is what the people perceive and the liberation that they seek for can only be “possible through revolutionary violence”. A riot or something that would bring about the biggest change.


One response to “blog#5 Franz Fanon

  1. caribprincess188

    I feel when the video talks about the “black man who has grown up wearing a white mask of his own” it means almost that the black man was trying to camouflage and blend into the white community, hiding any traces of himself being black and losing himself in the white man crowd that is dominant to the communized areas of that time. Strange enough, you can still see this in parts of society today.

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