Fanon on Colonialism

Blog #5

Based on the studies of Franz Fanon, colonialism is “the establishment, maintenance, acquisition, and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory.” In the world today, there are many examples of colonialism. One example is gangs. All over the news you hear about turf wars and territorial violence. A turf war is a struggle for territory, power, control, or rights to a specific area. One gang will fight other gangs to expand their colony. They want to be the superior gang and control all of the land that they believe is theirs.

This example goes with Franz Fanon’s study on concerning violence. He describes colonialism as a source of violence rather than reacting violently against resistors. A gang will do anything to prove that they are the “top dog.” They want to prove to every other gang that they are the best and can never be stopped. As Fanon states, “colonialism is built on force,” and this force helps a colony establish and expand it’s territory.  


3 responses to “Fanon on Colonialism

  1. Nice parallel. This is a good example to demonstrate how colonialism works at a smaller scale. Force is the biggest tool in invoking fear and displacing the set order or peace. Colonialism has affected all of America (by European powers) and the undeveloped countries. It will take a lot of revolutionizing social movements to decolonize.

  2. Gangs are an excellent portrayal of modern day colonialism. They, of course, are working on a smaller scale than colonialism traditionally was in the past, but the inter-gang conflicts do paint a good picture of what colonial expansion looks like.
    On a similar note, the modern day expansion of “democracy” and capitalism of America into the Middle East could be seen as colonialism.

  3. caribprincess188

    Countries, town and villages all over the workd are examples of colonialism, and it is still occurring. The expansion of super nations for the goal of capital and money, or even the use of the military to ensure certain things in a certain area stay a certain way. Its not only colonialism, but its the building of capitalist societies, ruled and run by other countries.

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