Welcome to Foundations of Sociological Theory!

You can find the schedule of assigned readings on the Schedule/Content page above.  Here’s the line-up for the first week, with links to PDFs:

January 27 – Course overview & introduction: What is sociological theory? How can we navigate it?

Ch. 1, Introduction, pp. 1-16. [PDF: pp. 10-16, Metatheoretical map]

* Recommended (text): Charles Lemert, “Social Theory: Its Uses and Pleasures,” pp. 1-20. (Ch. 1,Social Theory: the Multicultural and Classic Readings, Westview Press, 1993.)

Wednesday, January 29 – Marx

Intro to The German Ideology, pp. 31-33; From The German Ideology, pp. 33-41. Intro to Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, pp. 41-42; From Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, pp. 42-51. [PDF: The German Ideology & Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts]


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