Perception Versus Reality- 2/9/14 assignment, Blog #2

Sometimes our perception of something may influence our ability to understand the reality of a situation. I think most Americans have been purposely blinded to the cruel reality of our economic system and inequality of wealth among the country.  I have always understood that there was sever inequality when it came to money, but I never seen or actually understood the statistics. Additionally, I don’t really know how I feel about the inequality. Is it fair to penalize those who have worked for years for all they have? But, is it fair to those who struggle living paycheck to paycheck that never get a chance to financially prosper? I don’t know that I or anyone else can really answer these questions. 

To me, capitalism represents the rich being rich, the poor being poor and everyone else just working or existing to support the two extremes. Socialism is the opposite in that all people have an equal amount of money. I was surprised when I watched the videos and really thought about the inequality, in fact it made rather upset. Firstly, to think of all those who are living at or below the poverty level compared to the 1% is something I cannot wrap my head around. We all live in the same nation, with the same presidents and the same opportunities; America, the land of opportunity. A place that I’m sure so many people would drop everything and leave their country if they were given the chance. Moreover, I was completely shocked to see that there was not a drastic difference between those considered low and middle class in terms of the percentages. I consider the middle class the hardest working of all the classes.

These videos and statistics have made me realize that we are not all equal and although we like to think equality exists among us, it does not. I do not think that the inequality is or can be controlled by anyone. However, I do think that there should be something done to decrease the wealth inequality gap in the United States. We must create a happy medium between capitalism and socialism to bring us a better change of economic equality among Americans.


One response to “Perception Versus Reality- 2/9/14 assignment, Blog #2

  1. You made a comment about people dropping everything to come to this country for better opportunities if they could. The funny thing is that people do drop everything to come to this country, even if they can’t! you can confirm this by the amount of deaths in the mexican boarders every day. Also, people drowned in the ocean with hope to reach land that will get them a step closer to America, such as the cases of Dominicans embarking to Puerto Rico, with the ilusion to get there and then, somehow be able to come to US, since Puerto Rico belongs to US. The problem with this is that when faced with reality is always either, too late or too bitter to withstand. The fact that the American Dream has long been gone and American still sells the idea is even worse. People come to US everyday in pursue of this dream and find instead, struggle and even more poverty than what they left behind. I testify to this because i have seen it many times, very close to me, with friends who are doctors, lawyers, etc,. back home and now they are here in the US, washing dishes or working as a waiters in restaurants getting paid minimum wage due to “this economy”.
    What’s worse is that we buy this idea of individualism, we are responsible for our own success and failures. We become anxious when we can’t reach the success we dream of and then we blame ourselves and become conformist, believing that we can’t achieve more than what we are getting and most of the time, it’s right! just look at the wealth distribution of this country, how can we possibly achieve more??

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