Wealth inequality – blog #1

I was surprised by the findings in both videos. I always knew that the distribution of wealth was unequal but not to that extreme. I feel that these findings somewhat prove Marx’s theory that capitalism is an engine of inequality. The working class works extremely hard, six to seven days a week and barely makes enough money to afford rent or money for their bills. According to the videos, the reality is that the working classes are considered poor. I was surprised by how some people in the video did believe that the way money is actually distributed in this country is the right way. That is because many people believe in that American way that you need to work hard to achieve the American dream. To me, these videos show me that the government and CEOs offer incentives to be working robots in this country. Marx theory explains that capitalists pay their workers as little pay as possible and workers agree to this pay because there are too many people from the working class begging for jobs, desperately trying to make money for this “American dream”. Just like the video title says, this country is the land of the free and home of the poor.


One response to “Wealth inequality – blog #1

  1. Persuasive post, S. That a substantial minority of Americans believe that our current distribution of wealth is ideal is another interesting finding. This includes many people who are not in the top 1% or even top 20%. You offer some persuasive suggestions for why this is the case — belief in national mythologies, the “American way,” the work ethic, the “American Dream.”

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