Blog #1 : Wealth Inequality

After watching the videos, “Land of the Free, Home of the Poor” and “Wealth Inequality in America” I am shocked by what I learned. First of all the wealth distribution is so beyond unequal and is way off from what most Americans believe it to be or what the ideal would be. The wealth of the top 1% couldn’t even fit on the chart. The top 20% had much different wealth distribution on the spectrum. The bottom part of the 20% was basically middle class and the middle class was not much higher than the lower class. In “Wealth Inequality in America” they even mentioned an employee of the CEO has to work over a month just to make what the CEO makes in just one hour. These workers are made to be like robots and it is definitely not fair how little they are being paid. In “Land of the Free, Home of the poor” I was surprised to see how Sweden’s wealth distribution was so equal and that when the man asked Americans which pie chart of wealth distribution they thought belonged to America, they chose Sweden’s. This showed how uneducated Americans are about how unfair the wealth distribution is.  It is just not right how the top 20% of Americans hold 84% of US wealth while in the meantime there are so many people falling under the poverty line. These videos are similar to Marx’s views on capitalism and how it was an engine for inequality. Marx’s theory explains how working class people don’t have much of a choice when it comes to jobs because they really just need to pay their bills and put food on the table. The wealthy and big companies take advantage of these people knowing they can pay them minimum wage for working long hours and getting much done in those hours (working like a robot). These working people cannot lash out because they can’t take the risk of losing their job because that means no money. This is probably why most people have negative feelings towards work, as we learned in class today. 


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