Karl Marx

Kadian Weir
February 9 2012
I not surprise by the finding that capitalism could be more effective if the old regime or; has it’s called (old money) didn’t manipulate the American economy in their favor. Human desire is also one of the factors that help to drive this uneven distribution of wealth. People believe if they worked hard they would be rewarded and their life would be great “On the basis of political economy itself in its own words we have shown that the worker sink to the level of commodity and become the most wretched of commodity” Karl Marx .The unequaled distribution has always been and issue is most society and more so in heavily populated areas and developed cultures. Karl Marx understood that the Bourgeoisie will and always have an advantage over the working class, if workers are not aware of their power and exercises their right has producer of commodities. if not they will become poorer and unhappy “the more object the worker product the fewer he possess and the more he falls under the dominion of his product, capital” Marc Marx


One response to “Karl Marx

  1. It’s nice to see some presentation and analysis of original theoretical text, K. These key pieces express Marx’s particular view of capitalism — but there are other conceptualizations in your post as well. For example, you start by stating that “capitalism could be more effective if the old regime or; has it’s called (old money) didn’t manipulate the American economy in their favor.” You don’t explicitly state what you mean by “effective,” but I’m assuming you mean something like “its ‘better’ for everyone, it raises everyone’s ‘standard of living’,” This reflects a different *conceptualization* of capitalism. In Marx’s conceptualization, there’s only one simple measure of “effectiveness,” only one “purpose” of capitalism: to make money, profit-making. In Marx’s view, the fundamental problem is that profit rests on *exploitation*, and this is a problem that can’t be fixed by better regulation. As you note, if the working class is to improve its situation, there needs to be *class consciousness,* a recognition of shared interests and class power.

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