Blog Post #2: Inequality in NYC

I know we have moved on to Durkheim; however I recently found this article and interactive map that is too relevant not to share regarding inequality. The distribution of wealth in the United States is extremely polarized however the idea of achieving the “American Dream” is presented to everyone alike, regardless of your current position on the socioeconomic “ladder”.  We are all fed the lie that social mobility is achievable. Many people on this endeavor move to places where they think opportunity is greater, such as New York City.  The two videos we watched for class represented the inequality in the United States, but the study I found brings this truth a little closer to home for us. It takes a look at the distribution of wealth in New York City based on the different subway lines, showing the median income for every single stop along the way. All of us know the extremes in this city, but the “interactive graphics” link provides a visual picture for us. The movie clip from “Brother From Another Planet” attached is also thought provoking. I encourage everyone to take a look at this article because it is pretty interesting and pertinent to all of us.


One response to “Blog Post #2: Inequality in NYC

  1. Thanks for adding these links. There’s lots of great material on the Society Pages. Indeed, that New Yorker map offers another powerful perspective on income inequality, in this case, how it’s geographically distributed across New York City. The clip from “Brother from Another Planet” captures this perfectly.

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