Durkheim says “we must contract our horizon, choose a definite task and immerse ourselves in it completely, instead of trying to make ourselves a sort of creative masterpiece, quite complete, which contains worth in itself and not in the services it renders.” What I gather from the statement is whatever job one chooses to perform to earn a living determines their worth to society. Everything we do in society helps to keep it running and productive. People seem to take on a view that everything should be equally split, but not every task is simple and not every task is complex. If you want a high position in society choose a task to learn that will give you that position and earn you that pay you feel you deserve it. The growth of society is bigger than the self, so you should focus on bringing the best to society. He doesn’t seem to focus on the individual self as I feel others do when it comes to a capitalist society. Even those in the lower classes are guilty of selfishness to an extent in my opinion, because it is a given lower classes don’t get paid nearly enough, whose to say if the roles were reversed they would not act in the same manner of those in the higher class? Everyone is biased of their own talents and worth as they should be, but how does this serve the greater good of a society?


One response to “Durkheim

  1. I think that your post related to the idea of coexistence (not necessarily in religious terms). Should we all work together and support each other to help society grow? I’m not sure. I agree with you in that just because a group in society makes more or less money than the rest that their behavior or the way they interact in society is any different than the majority. However, I think that people become overwhelmed by the labels they are given and they eventually begin to associate themselves to the labels they are given; in turn, I think this could be detrimental to society. Shouldn’t we all encourage one another to do better and work harder to our highest potential? It just seems that there is such a divide socially in society. People are judged on what they do for a living, how much money they have or the material items they have. I think this is indirectly contributing to this capitalism that we live in today.

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