Blog #1 – “Wealth Inequality In America”, “Land Of The Free, Home Of The Poor”

After I listened to “Land Of The Free, Home Of The Poor “, it made me realize even more how unequal our society is. I found it interesting when the man that was being interviewed said he knew that the “equal part” of the pie chart couldn’t exist, and that it was made up. I also found the part about Denise Barrant, the college student, to be very interesting. She had a degree from Lehigh University , took Master’s level courses and she even had a paralegal certificate, and yet found herself looking for a food pantry. She basically went from high to low in a short amount of time. She went from having a job at a health insurance company making $80,000 a year along with a second job which was part time, to now being unemployed and going into poverty. She said that even the organizations such as the food pantries are having a difficult time, due to the economy. I thought her story was very interesting, especially when she said the people at the food pantry would tell her you don’t look like you belong here since you’re a college graduate. I also think a lot of people could relate to Christi Pierre-Louis when she stated The American dream might just be for the wealthy. “I pay my taxes, just like everyone else. I work here. I go to school. And I’m doing my best, but, still, my best is just not good enough”. It’s sad to see how much of an effect this has had on our society. In “Wealth Inequality In America” he said “reality and our perception is different” I think this is a very true statement. Sometimes we tend to overlook an issue because we don’t want to know the real reality, and even our perception can sometimes be cloudy. He pointed out that what people in America think our wealth distribution looks like is so different than what it actually is. He said that the poorest people are even “poorer than poor”, because they don’t even register since their basically down to pocket change. The part that really stood out to me was when he compared the average worker to the CEO. He said that the average worker needs to work more than a month to earn more than what the CEO makes in an hour, and who works harder? Obviously the average worker does, because he doesn’t get the luxuries and benefits a CEO of a company gets. I thought that both videos made very good points and gave good examples of the reality of our society today.


2 responses to “Blog #1 – “Wealth Inequality In America”, “Land Of The Free, Home Of The Poor”

  1. I totally agree with this point of view. I feel this does open your eyes to the reality of the world we live in today. Its a scary thing being that we’re in college seeking that better future so we won’t have to be that average worker living paycheck to paycheck. When in reality we just might be after accumulating debt that we should be able to pay off with the job we get from the degree that caused to accumulate that debt in the first place. Knowing this leads some to be hesitant in their pursuit of higher education and in sometimes their dreams.

  2. I also agree with this point of view myself. Its a very unfair advantage that others are born with over those who are willing to work hard. Some people have done almost nothing at all in their life to earn a dollar or paycheck but yet they have more money than ever. From the start the economy is lop sided because of the uneven distribution that took place from the go. And they sell you a dream that when you work hard and go to college that you too will be able to live comfortably. In reality you have so much debt to pay off and won’t get a good paying job as you wish to.

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