Blog #3 – Karl Marx ” the working person”

Karl Marx believed in Capitalism. He looked at the point of view of “the working person”. He made a good point when he said “they don’t own the factory, they have to work for the man that owns the factory”. He stated the “4 Aspects Of Alienation” which are , a person becomes alienated from the labor product, it’s not your own product, the labor process because you feel separated and not in the groove at work, from themselves because you feel like a robot not a human being, and from other people because of the competitive environment , someone else can do your job. There are many people who work because they have to, and not because they want to. Nowadays anyone can replace a person at work, because no one really stands out anymore. In our society an Associate’s degree is the new high school degree. Almost everyone you meet has an Associate’s, and many people have a Bachelor’s and Master’s. So especially in today’s society, it is very easy to get replaced at work.


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