Status Anxiety

The video shown in class today about status anxiety really highlighted some key points about how we view our position in society. We live in such a superficial world where others look at you based on what you have or what you own. Our objective in life is not only to better ourselves as individuals but also to acquire more. We obtain an education to get a good position in our field and we work hard to buy more goods. We think of possessions such as our ideal car or our ideal house or for us women even shoes or a designer  bag. We tie commodities/ goods to status. Status is based on the consumption of goods and services. It can be portrayed through a lifestyle or ownership of certain items.  We classify those who own expensive things as being of high status. We see celebrities with the latest trends and we too want to own what they have. However as stated in the video we become restless and dissatisfied . We don’t understand the meaning of being satisfied and we constantly compare ourselves to our peers or counterparts. It is natural to want what others have (envy). We feel the need to surpass people around us in achievement/ accomplishments. We can be our own harsh critiques at times and even think of ourselves as inadequate if we cant accomplish or acquire what others around us have. I understand how modern equality raises our anxiety levels and how the slightest variation is very much noticeable. Unlimited opportunities can also lead to unlimited aspirations which can in turn lead to status anxiety.


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