Blog # 6 “The Types of Legitimate Domination” (Weber)

Weber discusses the ‘three pure types of authority’ and each types of authority have different types of claim or meaning. The three types are “rational, traditional, and charismatic” (Edlers & Appelrough, 204).An example of each different authority that both editors of our textbook are President Clinton (Rational), Queen Victoria (Traditional), and Gandhi (Charismatic). These three figures are good examples of these three authorities in a prospect of how people had to do by supporting and helping people they want by doing the right thing but to show what they are able to do at this time. What I am trying to say is that these three different authorities and the people that I mentioned before represent a type of obedience for their home country.

Rational authority (legal authority) is a belief in “legality of enacted rules and the right those elevated to authority under such rules to use commands”, Traditional authority means the belief “in the sanctity of immemorial traditions” and the “legitimacy” of ruling, and finally Charismatic authority means the “devotion to the exceptional sanctity, heroism or exemplary character of an individual person” (Ibid, 204).

To say that these three different theories can apply anywhere in history of the world can be stated. However I think relating these three theories to people (such as President Clinton, or Queen Victoria) can give more color to the meaning to the different authorities (somewhat allow me to remember them a little more).

Weber states that Legal authority or rational authority called “the pure type” because it “rest on the acceptance of the validity of the following mutually interdependent ideas” (Ibid, 205). Another pure type of authority is the traditional authority because of its legitimacy and the “believed in by virtue of the sanctity of age-old rules and powers” (Ibid, 206). Lastly, charismatic authority is more applied by the quality of an individual personality by virtue, such as a leader.  Also charisma is can be a routine that can occur every day. Weber states that charismatic authority may exist only of its pure form are “in statu nascendi” (Ibid, 2009).

An example of what I believe is another version of traditional authority is an community that is seeking a peace place of living. This video that I saw, had rules of the community (similar to Hammurabi). In addition I found another video explaining the different authorities of Weber a little further.


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