post #1: commodities fetishism -melissa feliz

Ive always believed in the saying “Rich people have big libraries and poor people have big tv’s”. I think the capitalistic system we are apart of is created to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. People who sell their labor for survival live by the misconception that materialistic things is something that we must have in society for acceptance within our own kind. The power that products have over people is really strong. It is strong enough to even blind us at the fact that we are the ones who actually take part in creating it, however, we seem to ignore that the power of those products are actually our own hands.  A lot of individuals spend excessive money on materialistic things that wont improve their social  status at all, it’ll just be an enhancement on a physical level. But, somehow people don’t take enough importance enhancing social status enough to overcome the importance of physicality. The power that society has created over materialistic things can blind us in ignoring the fact that most of the time it image is what keeps us at the same level. Particularly for the poor, to much focus on product will keep you at low status.


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