Latina suicide

It shocked me to know that Latina girls had the highest suicide rate. In class when we discussed different ethnic groups I was sure I was right that Caucasian guys had the highest suicide rate. In  a previous Psych class we learned reasons for why Caucasian men would want to commit suicide, it was because many have distant relationships with their families and being that they are male they are not able to express their emotional feelings or needs. The data that was presented in class showed otherwise and it opened my eyes that it can be very possible because it is true that Latina girls go through so much stress and pressure in their households “often times providing surrogacy”. It was however interesting that the Asian population had no data, at first it seemed offensive but then what I can understand is that the Asian population may be very conservative and therefore information is limited.


4 responses to “Latina suicide

  1. S, what you learned in your Psych class sounds right (and the factors you mention — “distant relationships with their families” and inability “to express their emotional feelings or needs” — are sociologically significant). According to the Fact Sheet from the 2012 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (there’s a link on the Supplementary Content page), “Suicide among males is four times higher than among females and represents 79% of all U.S. suicides.” What we discussed in class was *attempted* suicide. As you can see, there’s a gender difference between the two phenomena.

  2. I completely agree with you, my group also believed white Causasion males had the highest suicide rate. But we both seemed to misinterpret because it said attempted. I think its interesting to see how there is a difference between attempting and actually committing suicide. Interesting in the sense that Latina females are completely different than white Caucasian males, yet one thinks and contemplates suicide more than the latter. Although it is a terrible phenomena, looking and investigating patterns in suicide is rather interesting because suicide is thought to be such an independent act.

  3. My group knew that the highest attempted rate for suicide would be among the female group, we were just unsure which ethnicity it would be. I’m not surprised because I do feel like women have more pressure in today’s society than men. Women feel the need to keep up with their looks and are always comparing themselves to other women and supermodels. Women still struggle with equal pay in the work force and education. Although men have it tough as well and have their own problems, I feel that women just have more to stress about. I’m interested to learn more about why the highest rate is specifically among Hispanic females because I don’t know much about the culture.

  4. I was shocked myself. I too believed Caucasian males would hold the highest rate of attempted suicide. White males often hold higher positions at work, and I assumed more work equals more stress which could equal attempted suicide. It’s very depressing that these girls think they have no other way to turn and that suicide is the best answer. More programs should be available to this group to help them if they are contemplating suicide.

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