Blog #1Comparing Social Marketing To Religion

According to Durkheim, religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden beliefs and practices when unite into one single moral community called, a church, all those who adhere to them.

I will borrow Durkheim’s description of religion to describe Network Marketing or “social Marketing” as it is now known by.  In this case however, the beliefs and practices can either make you or badly break you in so many levels.  Their belief is that as an individual, you can achieve all your life- long dreams and goals with one main tool, your social network.  The individual feels part of something bigger, part of a sub community that shares the same principles and objectives, which is financial freedom.   Their system is designed to ensure that each individual feels a sense of belonging, therefore creating a moral attachment to the type of work she/he will be performing.   With this strategy they believe that alienation is avoided.

The most interesting thing about social marketing is what I call “breaking you to make you”, a training system they have put in place to make sure certain facts are clear to the individuals once part of this business.   The first one is to make sure that you recognize that YOU belong to the working class, but don’t panic there is class mobility in America!  The second is to point out that YOU are a failure for not having yet been able to achieve something we call “The American Dream”.  However, as an individual you now have the power to change that, become a successful entrepreneur and achieve the life you have always dreamed of.  With the use of personal development tools, this dream is sold hard, mainly to those who are making ends meet and unfortunately it’s often bought.

Individuals with deep debts and financial struggle are the main target for these types of businesses because their vulnerability and need of additional income is recognize.  The act of joining these companies is instrumental at first for these individuals, but later becomes an affective action when they grow attached to the idea of eventually achieving financial freedom to a point of losing sleep over this dream.

The hardest part is waking up and realizing you have been living in a nightmare disguised as a dream.  When you realize that ironically, you have spent more money than you had, still trying to make ends meet.  You are only left with the certainty that you have made the rich richer and once more you are just the “working class” the “proletariat” in this chain.

In order for anyone to have success in network marketing or social marketing, a capital is needed because you will be investing in “your own business” which by the way is not yours! Also, you will need a very large network of warm market (friends and family) and cold market (strangers) and don’t forget extra time to dedicate to your business however time is very scarce in America.   Also, don’t forget that you need to commit to work your network marketing business for at least 10 years to really see some success… Good luck with that!

To have an idea of the mind set you need to establish to be able to succeed in this capitalist society take a look at this interview with Robert Kiyosaki on Oprah.  Attached is the link please share your thoughts, I would love to know what you think!!


2 responses to “Blog #1Comparing Social Marketing To Religion

  1. I don’t believe that network marketing is an unsuccessful way of becoming wealthy because it is a way of making money work for you rather than you working for money. However, I believe that in order for this system to be reliable citizens have to first be financially educated. Financial education should be a mandatory part of the school curriculum after a certain grade. Educating the youth on how to be economically successful is more important and useful than many of of the inaccurate geography and history classes that are given to children in primary schools, and even high schools.

  2. Fascinating stuff, J. Your comparison of social marketing and religion, as conceptualized by Durkheim, is very persuasive. It’s easy to see how people get lured into this “church.”

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