post #2: crime as social evolution

              Evolving is the process of changing certain character traits in order to adapt to the environment. To evolve is to develop gradually from simple to more complex. Depending the environment evolution is expressed differently. For example in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution he saw that due to isolation, different climates and natural forces such as food, one type of ancestor made way for thirteen different types of finches to come into existence. He came to conclusion that generation after generation of harsh conditions and struggles things will change in order to adapt. Charles Darwin’s environment being the Galápagos Islands can be compared to Socrates in Athens along with Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee and Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

          Crime plays a roll in social evolution because when crime does exist it makes way for new views to be formed, like Durkeim explained. A crime is an action that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state. Perfect example of crime as social evolution is the trials of Socrates in Athens. Where Socrates was put to trial accused of corrupting the youth of Athens.  To Socrates it was important to question the question, think outside of the box. But he was born before his time, where views like that were unacceptable to society and considered a crime and because of this crime he was sentenced to death. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. gave their life for their own cause because they understood that us as a nation hasn’t finished evolving yet. Many people are accused of crimes, but crimes depend on that state you are in.



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