Blog 2 – Alienation

Marx’s theory of Alienation is surprisingly common when looking into our social structure in the U.S.  Being a capitalist country, we developed a mode of production that deprives humans of being “human”.  Workers are basically drones, gears in a grand industrial clock, where they are emotionless and have only one output which is labor.  What is the point of constantly grinding out work, the same thing day in and day out, if you can’t enjoy life.  It’s unfortunate that this net, that is alienation, has caught so many people and exploited them.  However, as seen in history many times over, revolution seems to cure, even if only for a short time, the proletariat’s epidemic.  I would assume that in order to achieve a “fresh start” that overcoming bureaucracy would be necessary and as time passes it seems more and more difficult.  Alienation of the worker is spreading and it looks as if we are drifting further away from humanism.


One response to “Blog 2 – Alienation

  1. I agree with your view of alienation, but do you have a proposal to fix alienation so that everyone on earth is happy? I personally do not think that there will ever be a day when everyone on this planet is happy because of human nature. Humans have exploited one another to benefit themselves. This concept is not new and will never change. Although not all exploiters of people are bad people, since capitalism has been introduced on a global scale, the atrocities of exploitation have also increased. Perhaps the utopian view of the communists seem more ideal, but in reality everyone looks for their own well being, be it with exploitation of others or not.

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