Blog #2: Karl Marx- labor division

Karl Marx talks about the division of labor causes separation of society. He states that different division of labor are different forms of ownership. He goes on to talk about three forms of ownership; tribal, ancient, and feudal. Tribal ownership refers to the time when people hunted and harvested food. He considers this the beginning of the division of labor. The social structure of this time is within the family. At the top are patriarchal family chieftains, then the members of the tribe, and lastly the slaves. The next form of ownership is the ancient communal ownership. This is happened when several tribes come together either by conquest or agreement. In this ownership, citizens how power over their slaves only in their community.  Because of this the division between citizens and slaves have fully formed. The last form of ownership that Marx talks about is Feudal. Feudal property can spread across a whole country., and the hierarchical structure is fully developed.
Marx then talks about how individuals enter in to social and political reasons because they have to not because they want to. It is very similar to today’s society, where people must work jobs that they are not in love with or enjoy because they need to be able to provide for themselves an their families. My people no matter the age still have their dream job or fantasy they would much rather fulfill but cant because of what society has developed into.

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