Emile Durkheim/ Elementary form of the Religious life

” Society is the Soul of Religion” I agree with Emile Durkheim that religion plays an important role in many people’s life. The way we live and the structure that we follow that shape our every day may come from religion. It is important to study past religious practices to understand our present that is a continuation of what was passed on from generation to generation as values to respect and follow. As stated Religion is divided in two; Sacred and Profane.

Being religiuos has different meanings for different people but with the understanding that we have one God.   As a religious society we have the need to to be connected to this “supreme Being” that gives us comfort and direction through the guides written (Bibble). It also helps us get connected to one another and in positive ways. I am Catholic and we have rituals that we folow by going to Church every sunday and we pray together. During mass we receive the bread and the wine that is a symbol representing the body and the blood of Christ. Some of the other rituals for example now that we getting close to Easter we will do the Stations of The Cross  a ritual that reminds us how Christ suffered for us. In Church we also have the cross with Jesus on it that is a symbol that represents the crucifixion.

According to Emile Durkheim these gathering that teach us ideas and values helps establish a certain “solidarity” amongst people and in a sense create stability to the world. I believe in God and I enjoy going to church and have created new connections with people praying together. I find peace with my connection with God and believe that when I establish my Faith my life was changed for the best since then and has been stable and productive. That is my belief. I do respect others belief and have gone to their gathering and prayed with them. The connection we have is to pray one God but just differently and we may share different values without profanity but respectfully. Religion is divided into different groups who adopt their own self govern practicing different rituals.


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