Max Weber/The Protestant Ethic

I disagree with this concept to live ones life without enjoyment and to focus solely on material and how much money one can save (abstinence). life is too short and time wasted is never recovered. On the other hand I do agree that we should not live above our means and live for today only by spending and having fun. We have to remember that if we are granted a long life we need to survive and we need capital. So the idea is to keep a balance .

According to Weber, the Protestant of the West did not believe in enjoying their lives but to work hard and save as much as they could and if they were successful in doing so they believe that they were rewarded by God because that is what they believe he wants them to do.  That is a good question “isn’t religion the opposite of materialism?” I believe it so but that  was their rationalization.   They believe in capitalization. They were focused on wealth.  A mean to an end (instrumental-rational). Weber was not in agreement with this concept and he call it a “calling”. The Protestant believe that was what their purpose to work hard. They believe this was “predestined” that it was something that was already decided for them to do and follow.   Weber mentioned ‘The iron cage” I disagree with that rational as we choose our path and what we do with our lives and as stated by Weber ” religious beliefs  don’t cause capitalism”. People like Benjamin Franklin had slogan like “a penny saved a is a penny earned”

It is immoral to just think work and make money without enjoying the pleasures of life it’s really unethical to do so. it is not normal. Work should only be a mean to survive a way to pursue the things that we need and desire to enjoy in life.


One response to “Max Weber/The Protestant Ethic

  1. Abstinence towards lives enjoyment I believe to a certain extent it’s a form of torture! The Protestant Ethic by Max Weber definitely shows how religion sometimes dominants our lives. I definitely agree with you when you mention that ” We shouldn’t live beyond our means” and a balance should be kept, since life expectancy has increase to 79 years old in Unite States! What was a bit contradicting to me from the Protestant beliefs was what you also stated that was “Isn’t religion the opposite of materialism?”but as you also mention they believe that god will reward them if they worked hard by blocking their desires and just focusing on their predestined mission that god has confronted them with! So maybe in the actual living world they worked for a means to an end, but I believe that they worked hard in order to be rewarded with salvation in the after life. I also believe that the Protestant religion gave birth to the capitalist mind set!

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