blog #1 (why are young latinos at risk)

Learning that latinos were the highest rate of suicide came to me as some what a surprise. I personally thought young white females would be the highest rate being that I thought with more money comes more problems. After getting all the statistics on young latino women it sort of shows us exactly why they might be the leading race in suicide . Showing us that they are number one in highest birth rate, highest dropout rate and highest to commit suicide all goes hand in hand to what may cause them to take this action. For example having a baby maybe the reasonyou are forced to dropout of school. Then once you drop out and have a baby that may be a lot to handle considering the age, this may be a lot of pressure. Considering the pressure this may force one to commit suice or even to attempt it based on all that they have been absorbing over that time span. Durkheim believed in the theory of sacred in profane. In most latino homes having a child is more on the sacred side. No matter what the age you must have your child and take care of it, there is no other options. While in other races home they may believe this is more of a profane thing were you have options. Durkheim also believed in egoistic suicide.  In this suicide a human takes their life because they are not strongly supported by members of a cohesive social group. Some people just need others around them with some guidance that way they can stay on the right track.


2 responses to “blog #1 (why are young latinos at risk)

  1. Good work. You identify the key social factors that put young Latinas at risk for *attempted* suicide. Taken together those risk factors suggest a condition of *anomie* (lack of clear, coherent moral regulation) rather than *egoism* (lack of social integration), and thus *anomic suicide* rather than *egoistic suicide*.

  2. i was very shocked in class when i heard latinos where the majority at risk. it goes to show the stigma i had on other nationalities from what i expected or knew but looking at all aspects and having a girlfriend who is spanish i now can truly understand why such factors lead to them attempting or committing suicide

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