blog #2 ( house of sand and fog…… theory)

Bureaucracy is a powerful theory in this world. Very merciless,  careless and thoughtless procedure that this world has picked up. In bureaucracy its not about whats right or wrong, its about making a profit. In this movie Mr. Behrani shows us he follows by this and without care for anyone except his family. For a young girl to lose her home, by a mistake at that, and him not to sell or give it back to her because of profit is pure bureaucracy.  He also shows Webers tbeory of rational=legal authority. In all reality and honesty he did purchase the house fair and square and with the intent of making a great profit on it. He had a plan and the home is his to make these decisons on it once he purchased it. In his theory of charismatic authority officer lester shows us this when he leaves his home of wife and kids to help this young girl kathy who has lost her home. He  barely knows her but when seen that this girl is in dire  need of help he could not just sit back and let the officials handle it. He actually goes to Mr. Behrani’s home and tries to sort of scare him into selling the home back to the state.


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